All registered teams are listed here. Please check the page to confirm you and your team are listed. Teams will be updated frequently so please check back.

If you do not see your name in our list of teams, please email us at to confirm your registration.

Team of Individuals
Maggie Kuepfer
Tara Greaves
Victoria Hood
Leah Drewette
Shelley Sharpen
Beth Kawaguchi

Team Paws and Claws
Conny Manero
Dieter Manero
Team Freddie Purrcury’s Supersonic Bowlers
Erica Stern
Team Black Cat Boogie
Drea Burck
Team Purrfect Strike
Sarah Wilson
Kevin Wilson
Arin Dunning
Team Friskie Felines
Leslie Arriaza
George Everest
Cheryl Hiscoe
Team Indiastrong
Hayden Law
Sarah Patterson
Catherine Patterson
Suzanne Patterson
Team Meyoncé
Yonit Fuhrmann
Carmel Terner
Jonathan Lear
Team Love Pussies
Carlos Arriaza

Team of Individuals
Dianne Singer
Angela Mallon
Jamshaid Ghaffari
Rhonda Sussman
Rebecca Kovacs
Matt Belford
Team Alley Cats
David Vandenbussche
Vivian Cheung
John Hykel
David Obadia
Team Catastrophic Bowlers
Marian Belford
Sarah Bisch
Cristina Oddi
Lindsay Honeyman
Team Catatonic
Patti McCabe
Original Cat Gang (OCG)

Lindsay White
Mari Moreshead
Phil Richards
Kristy Matthews
Paul Hillier
Mike Gillis
Team MOVEH Alley-Cats
Vikram Bettadapura
Anna Rakowski
Sydney Small
Ana Weaver
Heather Cunningham
Erin Bangma
Team Hip to Be Ear-tipped
Doug Downie
Nalini Ramroop
Brad Wall
John Welsh

Team Kitchener Kool Kats
Lindsey Smith
Holly Comfort
Alicia Taylor
Sarah Gibson  
Team A-Paw-Calypse
Lisa Johnson
Celine Bauwmans
Khalil Bryce
Team Catastrophics
Sandra Buckler
Jeff Rutledge
Lauren Daneman
Kevin Moraes
Sharon Lee Smith
Martin Chicilo