Find your team

All registered teams are listed here. Please check the page to confirm you and your team are listed. Teams will be updated frequently so please check back.

If you do not see your name in our list of teams, please email us at to confirm your registration.

Team “Cat Queens”
Connie W
Lorean T
Carmen K
Donna F

Team “The Birds”
Conny Manero
Dieter Manero
Leslie H
Bernie H
Bea K

Team “Meowsa”
Laura G
Doug N
Molly M
Sandy M
Margot C
Marc L

Team RGC
Elizabeth M
Susan V
Andrea N

Team “The Big LeMEOWski”
Mike Stewart
Siobhán Marinangeli
Erin Marinangeli
Ashley B
Mike B

Team “The Dream Girls”
Mary I
Amanda G
Vanessa G
Sonia G
Lana M

Team The Crabby Tabbies
Mel L
Marina N
Mitra A
Sara H
Tyler A
Matthew S

Team Cat Strike Fever
Tabitha W
Sean V
Olsy S
Lisa B
Russ M

Team Alley Cats
Laura H
Mary H
Nicole D
Amber A
Max K
Amanda V

Team VC Volunteers 1
Brenley D
Sarah S
Kayleigh K
Gareth P
Esther B
Bob C

Team VC Volunteers 2
Bob C
Sarah W
Sarah S
Marcela Q
Estelle S

Team World Animal Protection
Jeffery F
Giulia I
Beth S
David H
Janessa G

Team World Animal Protection 2
Lynn K
Eric W
Kay M
Lindsay M
Tiffany O

Team Fancy Cats
Catherine L
Rachel B
Stacey F

Team Soft Kitties
Lisa P
Tanya J
Rhonda V

Team Purrrfect Strike
Sarah W
Kevin W
Andrea W
Arin D

Team I can’t believe it’s not gutter!
Natalie D
Ian C
Alex Z
Scott K
Kristin M
Paul B

Team Parkdale
Tia V
Andie Lee A
Jennifer O
Alessia L
Shelley M
Roxanne N

Team Pawztastics
Tara M
Elena D
Yasmin K
Yvette C

Team Furrballs of Fury
Izabella B
Tristan S
Christine L
Barbara S

Team Here Kitty Kitty
Barbara C
Alice V
Lynn S
Colleen A
Evelyn H
Susan R

Team Bowler Khats
Uriel L
Evan P
Vov A
April M
Tabatha A

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