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All registered teams are listed here. Please check the page to confirm you and your team are listed. Teams will be updated frequently so please check back.

If you do not see your name in our list of teams, please email us at to confirm your registration.

Team Goodness Gracious Hairballs of Fire
Jennifer Williams – Team Captain
Stuart King
Jess Winzer
Eric Williams
Team 7 Lucky Barn Cats
Beverley Stone – Team Captain
Jennifer DeWolfe
Don DeWolfe
Patricia DeWolfe

Team Cats in the Beams!
Belinda Vandersluis – Team Captain
Shelley Sharpen
Team Furonda’s Friends
Rashmi Patel – Team Captain

Team The Cool Cats
Alessya Quattrociocchi – Team Captain
Mtaness Shaloufe
Melanie Marinucci
Michael Marinucci
Patrizia Varrasso
Ian White
Team The Luna Loves
Jun Ichino – Team Captain

Team It’s Hip To Be Ear-Tipped
Doug Downie – Team Captain
Nalini Ramroop
Brad Wall

Team The Aristocrats
Katherine Steenson – Team Captain
Tom Steenson
Justin Babcock
Tabitha Woodall
Sean Vodden

Team Aquiles and Chloe’s team
Azucena Bedolla
Ali Sabouri
Jose L. Bedolla
James Kemp
Team The Pawwwwlers
Samantha Thompson
Brenna Thompson
Susan Thompson
Robert Peckford
Team Show Me Your Kitties
Amanda Konzelman
Travis Andrews
Marie Schofield
Individual Bowlers
Lindsey Miller
Sheryl Laflamme
Matthew Kent
Nimbe Zapata
Shana Greenberg
Taylor Scida
Heather Davies
Brynne Archer
Angelina Wang
Holly Comfort
Megan Mirghavami
Narita Maharaj
Individual Bowlers
Sarah Wilson
Kevin Wilson
Robert Mayeda
Rashmi Patel
Janet Lee
Sherry Pokol-Daniel
Sara Liverance
Sabrina Legare
Brad Wall
Citlalli Rios
Cathy Fraser
Ace Giourgas