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Sweet Kyla

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Sweet Kyla

Sweet Kyla is a locally owned Canadian designer and creator of baby bedding and nursery decor—including crib sheets, baby blankets and so much more. Sweet Kyla has provided Toronto Cat Rescue with fabric cut offs/remnants and batting for the last four years free of charge. With these fabric pieces volunteers are making cat blankets, beds and catnip toys for Toronto Cat Rescue to sell at our volunteer centre located in Toronto and on our website.

The money we raise goes to the rescue to be used as needed.

As a Toronto Cat Rescue volunteer I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to both owners of Sweet Kyla, Pamela D’Ettorre and Lynda Murray for their ongoing support and we all wish Sweet Kyla continued success.


Foster Corner

Top Tips for Taking Pics of your Foster Cats

We know many of you do your best to get the best pics of your foster cats for the website.  And we know most often foster parents are using their phones for pictures.  Here are a few tips to help you master the art of taking pics of your foster cats.

    1. Don’t try to take photos of the cat when they are high energy, playful and very awake (especially kittens).  Tire them out and play with them before attempting to take photos. After play sessions or when they are snoozing/relaxing is a good time otherwise you will get blurry photos if they move too quickly.
    2. Take photos during the day using natural light if possible.  A flash will look too harsh and sometimes make eyes appear like bright lights or red eye.  Avoid taking photos in the evening when house lights are on as the lights in your house can cause the photo to have an overall orange-y look to it so stick to daytime with natural light!
    3. For black cats, place them near a window where there is lots of natural light. The light source should ideally be in front of their face and not behind them.  Also people notice cats with nice coloured eyes so make sure people get close ups of these cats, with the natural light on their faces to enhance the colour.
    4. Plain and light coloured backdrops make the overall photo look better and will focus on the cat. Make sure distracting items are not in the shot. Examples are a plain white wall, light coloured sofa (move cushions and miscellaneous out of the way), plain coloured rugs or floor (make sure items on the floor are out of the shot).
    5. Dangle keys or something that makes a noise behind your head just befou take a photo.  Don’t do this too early as the cat may lose interest before you have time to take the photo or may run towards you to investigate.  Using a second person to distract the cat also helps!
    6. Lastly, if you have an SLR, that is best for snapping pics of your foster babies!