About Toronto Cat Rescue

Toronto Cat Rescue is a registered, no-kill charity run by volunteers.

Our mission is to rescue and find homes for abandoned, sick or injured cats from situations of abuse, neglect or imminent euthanasia.

Our vision is for Toronto to be a city in which no adoptable cat is killed and rescue organizations such as Toronto Cat Rescue are no longer needed.

TCR kittens

  •  2,163 adoptions in 2014
  •  300-600 foster cats in TCR foster homes and stores at any given time
  •  800 active volunteers, over 200 of which are foster homes
  •  12 pet store partners in the GTA and Kitchener-Waterloo area
  •  Toronto Animal Services Partnership:  In January 2014, TCR announced a unique partnership with Toronto Animal Services (TAS). In an effort to reduce the number of cats euthanized in Toronto shelters, TCR has started working closely with TAS to pull cats out of the shelters that would usually be at risk. We use our strong foster network and successful adoption program to help these cats find adoptive families. This visionary partnership aims to bring rescue organizations together to make Toronto a no-kill city in the very near future.
  •  Spay/Neuter Program:  There are estimates of half a million feral and homeless cats in the GTA. Feral cats may be born in the wild and never socialized, or may be abandoned or lost pets that have become wild. They multiply at an alarming rate, and lead miserable lives that often end with slow starvation, sickness, or death from exposure.  Some people find these cats to be a problem and want to be rid of them, while others show their concern by feeding them. In addition to feeding them; these cats must be spayed/neutered so that they no longer reproduce more sick and hungry kittens. Our program helps members of the public trap these cats, spay or neuter them, then return them to their original location outdoors. We can’t find every cat a home, but we can cut down their numbers in a compassionate manner.
  •  Owner Surrender Program. Toronto Cat Rescue receives many calls daily from owners asking us to take in their family pets, which for various reasons they no longer are able to keep. Our solution is the Owner Surrender Program. If the cats are adoptable, we provide assistance in finding new homes for these loved pets through our website and adoption coordinators.
  •  Stray Rescue Program. Toronto Cat Rescue receives many calls each week from caring individuals who are hoping to help the stray cats or kittens in their neighbourhoods. We have created the Stray Rescue Program to help find homes for healthy, social, adoptable stray cats and kittens.

TCR is a registered charity. No. 889-198-727-RR-0001


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